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Re: Resource gloss [was:Re: Resource discovery directory [was: XMLCatalog proposal]]

On Tue, 2 Jan 2001, Uche Ogbuji wrote:

> > > Since this thing is directing one to a bunch of potentially
> > > interesting and related resources, "resource directory" seems
> > > the most natural to me (I can take or leave "discovery").
> >
> > How about Resource Description File?
> I likes it, but the "RDF" would probably be confusing.  Of course, Dan, as
> RDF activity chair (or whatever it is precisely) you have no intentions
> whatever in increasing the pervasity of your ward acronym, hmm?
> Just kidding, of course.

Me too ;-)

If the RD* file didn't have a natural interpretation within the RDF
model I'd be rather worried though, since we're basically talking about
a bunch of typed, annotated links pointing to typed
Web-addressable resources. FWIW I'll be putting XHTML and RDF at most
of my namespaces and could really do with a vocabulary for pointing to
Java classes, XML schemata, public keys, XSLTs and suchlike to include

So what about Resource Description Resource? 



(RDF Interest Group chair)