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Re: Resource gloss

> I like XML Namespace Gloss. XNGloss, or whatever.
> > I hope Jonathan, Tim and Sean would have a few
> > spare cycles left as well
> You bet I have. I look forward to seeing this through 'till the time it
> ends up as a W3C Recommendation :-)
> Seriously, I think having <link><resource/></link> in a m12n family is the
> best way to go... and the details aren't all that hard to sort out: this
> thing kind of writes itself.

Yes, I'm not saying this would be a titanic undertaking, but I do think it
needs a home and an authority.  Probably not W3C.  First of all, Paul
Grosso mentioned that this is an area where the W3C had thought maybe the
community could do some work.  Secondly, it's probably too lightweight for
the W3C.  More a SAX than a DOM (REC) or SOAP (NOTE).  Thirdly, I think
the Resource Gloss extensions to XHTML themselves should have an
"http://xml.org/..." namespace.

And, hey, this is one case where no one
could call foul about the use of HTTP URI in an "official" NSRef.

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