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RE: XLang

Hi Michael:

I'm getting through the mail stack from the holidays.  
The stuff I've seen on XLang was on the Microsoft site, 
it being a microsoft critter.   A search there should 
return some articles.  It may be in the BizTalk section 
if that helps.

cheers and happy new year!

Len Bullard
Intergraph Public Safety

Ekam sat.h, Vipraah bahudhaa vadanti.
Daamyata. Datta. Dayadhvam.h

-----Original Message-----
From: Michael Fitzgerald [mailto:mike@wyeast.net]
Sent: Friday, December 29, 2000 4:25 PM
To: xml-dev@lists.xml.org
Subject: XLang

Does anyone out there know where to find any public documentation for XLang?