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Re: Resource gloss

How about:

cf being the common abbrev from the Latin for "compare".

At 04:00 PM 1/2/01 -0500, Jonathan Borden wrote:
>Uche Ogbuji wrote:
> > > I like XML Namespace Gloss. XNGloss, or whatever.
>We might slightly play down the dependency on XML Namespaces, what we really
>are describing are resource directories -- so in the interest being as
>direct as possible does anyone have a serious opposition to:
>Resource Directory Description
> > >
> > > > I hope Jonathan, Tim and Sean would have a few
> > > > spare cycles left as well
> > >
> > > You bet I have. I look forward to seeing this through 'till the time it
> > > ends up as a W3C Recommendation :-)
> > > Seriously, I think having <link><resource/></link> in a m12n family is
> > > best way to go... and the details aren't all that hard to sort out: this
> > > thing kind of writes itself.
> >
> > Yes, I'm not saying this would be a titanic undertaking, but I do think it
> > needs a home and an authority.  Probably not W3C.  First of all, Paul
> > Grosso mentioned that this is an area where the W3C had thought maybe the
> > community could do some work.  Secondly, it's probably too lightweight for
> > the W3C.  More a SAX than a DOM (REC) or SOAP (NOTE).
>     I would like to see this as an XML-DEV activity for the time being, at
>least until we have a fairly solid spec and some implementation code to go
> > Thirdly, I think
> > the Resource Gloss extensions to XHTML themselves should have an
> > "http://xml.org/..." namespace.
>     Ideally, but at least I don't have write priviledge to xml.org. In the
>mean time we can host the activity on the http://www.openhealth.org/ site.
> >
> > And, hey, this is one case where no one
> > could call foul about the use of HTTP URI in an "official" NSRef.

Sean McGrath CTO
Enabling Universal Mobility