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Re: Traffic Analysis and Namespace Dereferencing

David Megginson <david@megginson.com> writes:


> People will find ways to route around the damage.  The only question
> is whether people will blame bad design practices or XML itself.
> w3c.org has already had some pretty-long outages, but since virtually
> no one uses client-side XML, not much happened.

In passing I would point out that one reason the XML Schema design
labels _all_ URIs, whether NS URIs or schemaLocation values, as
_hints_ is so that conformant processors need not dereference _any_ of 
them.  It was precisely because of concerns such as those discussed in 
this thread that Noah Mendelsohn primus inter pares argued
successfully for this aspect of the design.

  Henry S. Thompson, HCRC Language Technology Group, University of Edinburgh
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