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Re: Traffic Analysis and Namespace Dereferencing

Henry S. Thompson wrote:

> In passing I would point out that one reason the XML Schema design
> labels _all_ URIs, whether NS URIs or schemaLocation values, as
> _hints_ is so that conformant processors need not dereference _any_ of
> them.  It was precisely because of concerns such as those discussed in
> this thread that Noah Mendelsohn primus inter pares argued
> successfully for this aspect of the design.

Perhaps another way of saying this is that there is an association or
relationship between a namespace and a schema.** The process of obtaining a
schema document from a URI may involve:

    1) local URL cache.
    2) an entity catalog
    3) a resource directory
    4) a network protocol
    5) ... other mechanisms

** This is not to say that there *must* be such a relationship, rather in
the context of someone or something who intends to express such a

*** The process of dereferencing a URL in practice may involve any of these
mechanisms in the same way that a computer may use a local hosts file rather
than perform DNS lookups.