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jEdit for XML (was Re: XRay XSLT/XML editor)

jEdit also turns out to have some nice XML editing features.  jEdit does
syntax colorizing, including for xml files.  When you get the xml plugin, it
will parse the active document and display the element tree in another panel,
which can be docked of free-floating.

The really nice part is that when you click on an element in the tree, all the
source text for that element highlights in the main text window.  Conversely,
if you click somewhere in the text, the corresponding element in the tree view
highlights.  Very nice.

It also tells you when you type something that's not well-formed.

jEdit is a java, open-source text (free) editor that is configured for syntax
highlighting using xml files - in includes the aelfred parser, which is also
used in the xml plugin.  It also has an html plugin, which includes Dave
Ragget's Tidy.  Since jEdit is useful as a programmer's editor in many
languages, it is very attractive.

It's at


One quirk, though -

On my two Windows machines, it sometimes stalls when it is loading.  The
splash screen starts but then it stalls and freezes the machine.
<CNTRL-ALT-DELETE> twice in a row takes care of that (without rebooting).  So
I often leave it running - once it actually starts I've never had any
problems, and the stalling doesn't happen often.

It's also programmable, so there might be a way to get it to do transforms.


Tom P