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[ANN] IdooXoap with EJB; preconfigured Tomcat

Hello all. 8-)

 We've uploaded to our site http://www.zvon.org/?nav_id=30 some more
packages of IdooXoap version 1.0, there are now packages containing
code for supporting EJB; also there are packages containing a
preconfigured Tomcat server so that you can install you own SOAP
server easily.

 For those who don't know: IdooXoap is an implementation of the SOAP
protocol. Using this package you can easily build clients that can
access services described by WSDL or SCL descriptions, you can also
build your own services. 

 More information at http://www.zvon.org/?nav_id=34 and in our mailing
list idoox@list.zvon.org. You can easily subscribe to the list from
our web pages.

 Share and enjoy!

                            Jacek Kopecky