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Unprefixed attribute names in RDF

Am I correct in assuming that, in RDF, unqualified attribute
names are treated as though they had the same namespace name
as the element to which they belong?

There are several examples in the RDF-Schema Specification
that appear to not make sense without this rule (e.g.,
in 7.1 the 'rdf:ID' attribute appears with a prefix in
'<rdfs:Class rdf:ID="Person">' but without one in
'<rdf:Property ID="maritalStatus">').

If so, is this rule explicitly stated anywhere?  I can't
find any language to that effect in the Namespaces, RDF M&S,
or RDF Schema specifications.

I also notice that other W3C Recommendations seem to use
different conventions -- XSLT uniformly uses unqualified
attribute names, and XLINK seems to always use qualified

--Joe English