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Re: What is happened with Balise?

On the STEP-Germany website I found the following remark:

The Balise Software will be overtaken by the Step GmbH and will be provided 
free of charge shortly. For any further information please contact us at 



On Tuesday 09 January 2001 06:37, Oleg A. Paraschenko wrote:
> Hello!
>   Balise is a powerful scripting language for processing SGML/XML. It
> should be supportted by Inso corporation.
>   I tried to visit Balise web site. But domains 'balise.com' and 'inso.com'
> are no longer exists. Would you please suggest what is happened with Balise
> programming language?
>   Thank you in advance.
> ----
> Oleg

Heinz Wittenbrink
Senior Concept Consultant
Südpol Neue Medien GmbH
Lucile-Grahn-Str. 37
81675 München
fon: +49 89 413194 29
fax: +49 413194 22