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At 16:55 4-01-2001 -0800, Tim Bray wrote:
>The issue is whether XLink should be designed in such a way as
>to allow HTML <A> and <LINK> elements to be XLinks as they stand,
>with no syntactic changes.  At the moment, XLink doesn't allow that,
>which buys XLink a significantly cleaner design, but there is also
>a reasonable argument that HTML hyperlinks should be viewable as
>XLinks and that XLink should do whatever it takes to achieve this.

The still-pending W3C draft on styling and XLink introduces a data model 
for hyperlinks that introduces the possibility of another approach.  An 
HTML-aware XML processor can represent the HTML links (or any other element 
known to have link semantics) as links in that data model, allowing them to 
be styled the same as XLinks.

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