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At 05:20 PM 04/01/01 -0500, Ann Navarro wrote:
>XHTML has had constraints from WAI regarding multiple attributes of type 
>URI, which XLink hasn't allowed -- this is now supposed to be allowed, or 
>there's some assertion that XHTML doesn't have to do linking that way, but 
>the jury would certainly be out for a long session on that idea.

The issue is whether XLink should be designed in such a way as
to allow HTML <A> and <LINK> elements to be XLinks as they stand,
with no syntactic changes.  At the moment, XLink doesn't allow that,
which buys XLink a significantly cleaner design, but there is also
a reasonable argument that HTML hyperlinks should be viewable as 
XLinks and that XLink should do whatever it takes to achieve this.

It's not an easy issue at all. -Tim