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Announce: The RSL Project (Reticular Structure Layer | Language)

This mailing is to announce the RSL Project, which (from http://inxar.org):

    The intent of RSL is to promote structured information sharing. The goal is to
    create a concrete framework for the authorship and utilization of strongly-typed
    data. An XML-like language is defined as well as a set of supporting software
    components and communication protocols. Essentially, RSL is an effort to
    create a "web" from a data-centric point of view. 

I officially launched on Nov.1, but I posted javadocs to one of the API's
today, so things are a little more concrete... (if interfaces can be considered
"concrete"). If you are interested in reading more please visit:


Some of the ideas are described in the "RSL Introduction" (somewhat long) as
well as the aforementioned API docs.

Thanks for your valuable time,