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Schema localization? *Newbie alert*


I can't find an answer in the XSchema docs but I wouldn't be surprised if I
missed something, so hopefully someone can point me to something obvious.

Scenario is as follows : data is exchanged internationally on the basis of
established DTD/Schema with descriptive tagnames in the English language. Is
there a mechanism which will allow 'localization' (1:1 mappings)of the
tagnames in Dutch, Portugese, Chinese etc. ? 
(Using tags based on number schemes like what MARC used to do in the library
community is not an option in this case)

For some background : this could be useful in situations where the Schema is
used as a database schema and "field labels" need to be available in the
local language (being not English in this case). It is useful to make the
localized tag mapping 'transportable', like the Schema itself.

Thanks for any pointers,


Jan Vegt, Software AG Nederland