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Re: And the DTD says, "I'm NOT dead yet!!"

From: Caroline Clewlow <cclewlow@eris.dera.gov.uk>

> I can see that XML schema does not cover entity declarations - but RELAX
> that it's use of hedgeRules allows the creation and naming of a hedge
> that mimics the way parameter entities are used in DTD's.  Is this the
> kind of entity, as the word seems to be used in a number of different

Note that things like XInlcude can reconstruct the uses of parameter
entities (and general entities in data).  This would have to be a step
performed afer namespace processing but before schema validation.

XML Schemas a llow an <appinfo> element. I have been suggesting that one use
of this can be a private declaration element for public entity sets.  The
presence of unknown entities should cause schema-invalidity  anyway.