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Standard RDDL processing order or ALL?

In light of the recent discussion regarding DTD/Schema processing I am left
to wonder:

Is there a standard use for an RDDL document containing both a DTD and XML
Schema and (* your favorite schema here *) where one of the following is
possible (maybe more):

1) The RDDL processor should use the first validation method possible
(either DTD or Schema or ...)

2) The RDDL processor should use all validation methods possible (DTD and
Schema and ...)

3) The RDDL processor should make use of selected validation methods
possible (DTD and Schema and ...) based on the resources attributes (e.g.
where multiple shcemas exist, one for editing one for validating)

4) This is processor specific and RDDL is just a directory.

I don't think this is a big issue (and is likely a non-issue)-- I was just
curious if anyone had opinions on the matter. <ducks/>

Jeff Rafter
Defined Systems