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Submit your schema and stylesheet problems

Do you have a problem stylesheet or schema? We're asking XML developers to
submit their problems (well, ok, their schema and stylesheet problems) to
the experts who'll be teaching hands-on workshops at XML DevCon 2001.

The workshop instructors will review the list of submissions and select
those they will present in London and New York -- hopefully with solutions.

Sebastian Rahtz, Bob DuCharme, Benoit Marchal, and Ken Holman will be doing
the first
"Stylesheets and Transformations: Best Practices" workshop on Thursday,
February 22 in London. To submit a stylesheet or problem description for
their workshop, browse to:


or e-mail to:

Henry Thompson, Priscilla Walmsley, and Michael Rys of the W3C Schema Work
Group are doing a Schema Workshop on February 21 in London. If you'd like to
submit a schema problem, browse to the URL below or


or mail to

If the experts choose your schema or stylesheet to solve in their workshop,
you'll receive:

- an expert solution by e-mail
- an XML DevCon 2001 T-shirt
- a copy of XML-Spy