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The importance of XML (2 programs in Technetcast Top 30)

Technetcast has recently published a top 30 program list and two XML-related programs are in the top 30. A program about SOAP (Don Box) is 10th, and an expert panel discussion about enterprise XML and eCommerce is 19th.
Essential XML/ SOAP (Don Box)
Enterprise XML and eCommerce (panel of experts)
What's interesting is how other technologies fared in the rankings. The third-ranked program is about the MacOS, the fourth-ranked program is about C++. A Linux program is 11th, computer crime is 13th, Perl is 16th, Open Source is 23rd, and the future of the PlayStation is 27th. The biggest surprise is that none of Technetcast's Java broadcasts was on the list.
XML developers will also be interested in another Technetcast program:
Semantic Web (Tim Berners-Lee)