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RE: Place under sun (was: XPointer and Sun patent)

Title: RE: Place under sun (was: XPointer and Sun patent)

> ... in the other words, W3C is working for the benefit of its members.
> Unfortunately, this simple statement is not included in
> preambles of W3C
> recommendations, and some naive individuals still beleive that the
> principal goal of W3C is creation of public, vendor-independent,
> interoperable Web-based technologies ...

It's not clear to me how these statements conflict.  Most companies in the XML/Web industry have an interest in public, vendor-independent, interoperable Web-based technologies, and virtually all join the W3C in hopes of furthering their development.

My only point here is that the W3C Recommendations are developed in the spirit of pragmatism, not idealism about "true" standards. Java is a critical part of the Web infrastructure, so the DOM Recommendation includes a Java binding.  COBOL and Ada are not, so the DOM Recommendation does not include COBOL and Ada bindings, even if they are "true" standards.  That's all there is to it.