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Re: Place under sun (was: XPointer and Sun patent)


Mike.Champion@SoftwareAG-USA.com wrote:

> ...  Most companies in
> the XML/Web industry have an interest in public, vendor-independent,
> interoperable Web-based technologies, and virtually all join the W3C
> in hopes of furthering their development.

"... and virtually all join W3C ..." ???

How many companies in the world work in XML/Web industry? How many are
members of W3C?

> My only point here is that the W3C Recommendations are developed in
> the spirit of pragmatism, not idealism about "true" standards. Java is
> a critical part of the Web infrastructure, so the DOM Recommendation
> includes a Java binding.  COBOL and Ada are not ...

And what about C++, Python, Perl, ... ?

Kind regards,