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Re: SVGSpider.com - the world's "first" all SVG web site?

In a message dated 14/01/01 21:25:52 GMT Standard Time, martind@netfolder.com 

> Hello Andrew,
>  [post about SVGSpider]
>  Didier replies:
>  Andrew, it seems that the link is not working. I tried to access svgspider
>  but got instead a "page cannot be displayed" message.
>  Cheers
>  Didier PH Martin

Hi Didier,

Please try again using 
to access the default page.

I have just been back to the site and navigated without problem to all pages.

For reasons which I don't understand, it seems to be more important than 
average to flush the browser cache when viewing SVG pages.

Assuming you gain access without problem you may find that you need to click 
"harder and longer" than you typically do on an HTML page to get the XLinks 
to work so you can navigate the site.

Since similar issues may affect access for others who may be interested I am 
copying this back to the XML-DEV list.

I hope that helps.

Andrew Watt