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RDDL.NET 2001-01-14


I've implemented a simple RDDL "parser" for use on Microsoft's .NET
platform. The source archive, the API documentation, and a test web
application that can extract the resources out of any online RDDL directory
are available here:


The API isn't quite usable enough for the type of processing that we're
looking for yet but it's a start. I'd appreciate any and all comments that
you might have.

Hopefully, we can get some more RDDL directories online so that we can see
what types of resources people want to reference in them and get some sort
of idea on how they'd expect applications to dereference those resources. If
you do put a directory online, I'd appreciate it if you could send me a note
so that I could start a list of publicly available directories that we can
test the parser with.


Jason Diamond