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RE: How could RDDL be distributed ?

At 04:39 PM 16/01/01 +0000, Miles Sabin wrote:
>The problem I want a solution to is,
>  I have a public ID/system ID/URI for this DTD, external entity, 
>  schema, RDDL doc, etc.; find me a server which can give me an 
>  authoritative copy (in the case of a URI maybe a mirror of the 
>  main server).
>or maybe rather than finding a server I just want the 
>authoritative copy itself.

It's a problem... not a new one.  People who want to dive into
this pool might want to check up on the history of net hypertext
before TimBL made it work precisely by discarding this requirement,
and the further sad history of various UR* efforts in the ietf
wending their way down the trail to dusty death.

Mind you, anyone who solves this in the general case will get
their name up in lights. -Tim