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Re: How could RDDL be distributed ?

Miles Sabin wrote:
> The problem I want a solution to is,
>   I have a public ID/system ID/URI for this DTD, external entity,
>   schema, RDDL doc, etc.; find me a server which can give me an
>   authoritative copy (in the case of a URI maybe a mirror of the
>   main server).
> or maybe rather than finding a server I just want the
> authoritative copy itself.

Or a cached copy?

> So I guess it's more the former than the latter that I'm
> interested in, and yes, from my reading of the existing RESCAP
> docs it doesn't appear to address that problem.

Why bother with RESCAP when HTTP was designed to do this?  For the
disconnected example, set up a HTTP proxy cache on your laptop,
configure your browser to use it, browse to resource so it may be
cached, and there you go.  Other user agents on the laptop can be
configured to use the proxy too (e.g. JDK).

Don't be too concerned about "hot spots".  Who knows, maybe whomever
maintains that document uses Akamai.  Ain't abstraction wonderful?