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RE: How could RDDL be distributed ?

Michael Mealling wrote,
> Since I'm helping write some of the RESCAP documents I might be
> able to tweak them to do what you need. What do you
> actually mean by distrubtion/replication? Is it the process
> of populating the databases behind a particular RESCAP server?
> Is it more along the lines of the "I have a local version of 
> that XML Schema that I like better" problem?

The problem I want a solution to is,

  I have a public ID/system ID/URI for this DTD, external entity, 
  schema, RDDL doc, etc.; find me a server which can give me an 
  authoritative copy (in the case of a URI maybe a mirror of the 
  main server).

or maybe rather than finding a server I just want the 
authoritative copy itself.

So I guess it's more the former than the latter that I'm
interested in, and yes, from my reading of the existing RESCAP
docs it doesn't appear to address that problem.



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