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Re: 4Suite Server 0.10.1

> >                   http://FourThought.com/4SuiteServer
> Just love the way most of the links off that page generate Server
> Errors!!
> The product in action??!!

If it pleases you to think so.  Actually it's mostly human error (that's
what we get for releasing after an all-nighter).

Of course some human error will have also found its way into the product.
Which is to say the product is (oh my stars!) imperfect.

But I'm guessing that this is a concept alien to you, right?

Thanks for your message.  We'll fix the link, of course.

Uche Ogbuji                               Principal Consultant
uche.ogbuji@fourthought.com               +1 303 583 9900 x 101
Fourthought, Inc.                         http://Fourthought.com
4735 East Walnut St, Ste. C, Boulder, CO 80301-2537, USA
Software-engineering, knowledge-management, XML, CORBA, Linux, Python