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Re: a11n [OT] (Re: How could RDDL be distributed ?)

> > ...for example "YHBT YHL HAND
> In the c15n of xml-dev is the definition of a luddite someone who googles
> for the above phrase and fails to figure it out?

Wow.  You're right that Google doesn't help, but I'm quite surprised.

"You have been trolled.  You have lost.  Have a nice day."

Basically, I think the entire culture of trolling is brilliant.  There
trolling of rec.pets.cats is still probably the example per excellenece.
The trollers established their reputation as respectable r.p.c. presences
for weeks before they started instigating flame-wars about the best way to
microwave a cat and all that.  Slashdot has pretty much had its moderation
system completely undermined by trolls.  Now and then I used to
follow some of the progress (any of karma pimp's posts can probably go
into the trolling hall of fame): there is no better way to wind up on
the floor laughing than browsing one of /.'s hidden troll forums.

The idea behind trolling itself isn't new in the computer age.  Ovid and
Johnathan Swift pretty much worked for the same effect.  However, the neat
thing about Internet age trolling is that the remarkable amount of reach
and interactivity of newsgroups, e-mail lists and discussion forums allows
for quite original strategies and effects.

Disclaimer: I've never trolled myself.  I neither have the time nor the
cunning.  Besides, I don't usually have to contrive being a PITA.

BTW: "Pain in the arse"

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