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Re: Textual transmission typically faster?

The size increase after parsing also depends alot on the content - if the
each tag surrounds very small section of the information then the increase
is greater than each tag surrounding large sections of info.  Especially if
the tags themselves need to be complex.



Eugene Kuznetsov wrote:

> > I recall one of the presenters at XTech last year had been
> > experimenting with using a Java-serialized DOM rather than the source
> > XML document, and was surprised to find that the Java-serialized DOM
> > was both considerably larger than the *uncompressed* XML and
> > considerably slower to load.
> That shouldn't be surprising -- generally speaking a parse tree is
> larger than the text input to the parser. (And java serialization
> doesn't win any awards for efficiency in either time or space).
> However, a binary representation of the same data (specified in
> ASN.1 and encoded using BER, say) would be much smaller and more
> efficient.
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