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Re: How could RDDL be internationalised?

Tony Coates wrote:
> Just looking through the RDDL spec today, I wonder if internationalisation
> (i-eighteen-n) was considered.  That is to say, I would want to be able to
> a single resource multiple names in multiple languages.  Yes, I could add
> name as though it were a separate resource, but I'm sure no-one would
> want to suggest that as a serious option.  I could add RDF or a topic map
to the
> RDDL to define the language mappings, but that would bog it down too,
> it??
> Would people be agreeable to a modified RDDL spec that allows one resource
> have multiple descriptions (whether or not they are in different
languages?).  I
> might even tentatively suggest
> <!ELEMENT rddl:description (#PCDATA | %Flow.mix;)*>
> <!ATTLIST rddl:description
>   xml:lang NMTOKEN #IMPLIED
>   >

doesn't "div" do the trick here:

    <div xml:lang="en">
        <p>This is the english description of the foo link</p>
    <div xml:lang="de">....</div>

similarly if you wish to name the description of a resource as opposed to
naming a resource, div also accepts an id attribute.