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Here is the current situation :
I have an XML file <usertable.xml> and I want
to access its elements from a JSP file. How do
I get the node values from my XML file and
manipulate hem from my JSP file ?
Note : I am using Tomcat as my JavaServletEngine
and have jdk1.3.
Here's what my XML file looks like :
   <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
-     <userTable>
      <user userID="Anu" pwd="Mishra" profession="researcher" level="user">Anu</user>
      <user userID="Dhiru" pwd="Tamra" profession="developer" level="user">Dhiraj</user>
Can anyone give me a fair idea of what my JSP file should look like ?
Do I have all the prerequisites installed ?
Thanks for your help,