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ANNOUNCEMENT: Rapier RDF Parser 0.9.0

		       Rapier RDF Parser 0.9.0

Rapier is the RDF/XML parser I have written for my Redland RDF
application framework (RDF Parser for Redland - RaPieR) and is
designed to integrate with it closely.  Rapier can also be used
separate from Redland, in which case it will use simple internal
routines to perform the functions.

This is the first release of Rapier and the highlights are as follows:
   * An RDF/XML Parser written in C designed to integrate well with Redland
   * Can extract RDF content embedded in XML (such as XHTML)
   * Handles rdf:resource / resource attributes
   * Optionally can interpret container elements (only) as typedNode
     after the proposed interpretation by Brian McBride and myself.
   * Parsing tracks the formal grammar productions closely - this can
     be followed when debugging.
   * Uses expat and/or libxml XML parsers as available or required
   * Has hooks for new parseType-s and container types
   * Provides features to select options at run time.
   * (Perl and Python interfaces when used via Redland)
   * No memory leaks
   * Fast
   * Free software / Open Source license

The release consists of the full sources and a RPM binary package for
RedHat Linux 6.2.  It may also be available from the Redland
SourceForge mirror site http://sourceforge.net/projects/librdf/ when
I can get the files uploaded - seems very  s l o w  at present.

WARNING: This is alpha quality software - the APIs will change, it is
not feature complete and it needs lots of testing and conformance
checking.  There are known bugs - see the web site for an up-to-date

I post updates about Redland and Rapier to the eGroups list at
http://www.egroups.com/group/redland/ and invite you to join if you
are interested.