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RE: simpleType hh:mm:ss:ff

On Mon, 22 Jan 2001, Josť Manuel Beas wrote:

> Right. It works. But what if I wanted to define it deriving from
> xsd:timeDuration.

No idea.

> And if I wanted to define a date like "yyyymmdd"?

It's conceivable that you could use a regular expression to capture the
rules for which months have how many days (including leap years), but it
would be a *very* hairy RE, and it would be restricted to only those
centuries for which you enumerate the patterns.  In fact, it would be
such a complicated expression, that it's hard to imagine that it be
worth it, just to get rid of the standard punctuation.

Now, if you only want an approximate solution, you might be happy with
something like


There's a continuum, of course.  You could fiddle with this without too
much pain and get a little more control (restricting mm to 01 through 12
and dd to 01 through 31), but if you really want to nail down the right
ranges for dd depending on what yyyymm is, you're in for some tedious

Bob Kline