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RE: simpleType hh:mm:ss:ff

Thanks Bob,

It's a hard work, I agree. But... is it possible to define:
<xsd:simpleType name="day">
  <xsd:restriction base="xsd:number">
    <xsd:minInclusive value="1"/>
    <xsd:maxInclusive value="31"/>

and define some kind of xsd:complexType as a "fussion" of day, month and
year, but restricting the maximum bound of those components to something
depending on the others (i.e., the max value of a day depends on the month

Best Regards,
José Manuel Beas (jmbeas@telenium.es)
Software Engineer
TELENIUM, The New Millennium Telecom Company
Agustín de Foxá, 25, plta. 13
28036 MADRID
Tel. +34 91 315 85 62 (ext. 260)
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