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Suggestions for XML editors

XML spy is currently the best XML editor, BUT it's not so far ahead of a
combination of free products like XED, XSV, VIM, Amaya and others.

What really would make the difference would be functionalities like:

- selecting, cut-copy-paste, and advance cursor to node lists selected by
XPath strings
- edit through an XPath selection: hide all the rest not selected by the
XPath (of course remember those XPath associated to the Schema)
- highlight ALL non-valid items (with respect to Schema or DTD) and advance
the cursor to next non-valid item, with hint and error explanation displayed
- scripting
	scriptable by XML scripts: all GUI menus can be accessible by script, and
conversely new GUI menus can be created by script, callbacks available for
editing events like focus
- edit through a XSLT stylesheet: see the transformed document, but modify
the underlying source document (just like an HTML editor does for HTML)
- manage XSLT transforms : several transforms, save or copy_paste or reuse
- compose composite documents by droping parts
- multi-view (MVC design pattern) like Amaya
- pluggable editor : available as a Java Bean with a setDocument() method

Other ideas in http://wwbota.free.fr/XMLDesign.htm#superBrowser

What about free software projects ?

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