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RE: Mapping a UML model to a DTD or Schema

If your question was if there was a standard way to store UML diagrams, XML Metadata Interchange (XMI) currently only standardizes storing the UML model.  IBM's XMI toolkit added the diagram layout
using extension content.  I'm not sure if Unisys' Rational Rose plug in took the same approach.  The Object Management Group (the owners of UML) is anticipated to issue a request for proposals for
extension of the XMI standard to support diagram interchange.  My recommendation on that would be to embed SVG with metadata that establishes the links back to the model.

If you question was if there are mechanisms to generate an XML schema or DTD from a UML model, then there are many but mostly in-house tools.  XMI does define a mechanical mechanism to generate a DTD
from an arbitrary UML model, however the resulting tag names <package.package.package.class attribute=""/> are generally not desireable.  There is a forthcoming book "Modeling XML Applications with
UML: Practical e-Business Applications" by David Carlson that sounds like it would address this issue.  I believe that he also presented papers at XTech 2000 and possible XML 2000 on this topic.
Also, the recent threads on XML Schema Best Practices indirectly addresses mapping UML concepts to to XML schemas.