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Re: XML and embedded systems

> Has anyone dealt with this before?


>  My current thinking is to keep it simple
> and use my own XML grammar  XML at its simplest, so to speak.  One way I
> thought of would be to transmit the XML via HTTP by using a POST transaction
> and placing the entity in the HTTP message body, then respond with XML.  Or
> I could do something simpler and simply send an XML-encoded request over a
> socket and respond using XML.

If the data you're dealing with is very structured, your own XML
language may be the right answer (though GET and POST would still be
useful, not just POST).  But if the structure is fairly loose (such as
flat name/value pairs), I'd suggest just going with HTML or XHTML.  You
get the added bonus of being able to configure your server from any
place that has a browser - but you can do it from a program too if you
need to.