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Re: What is the advantage of RELAX in comparison to Schemas?

I had quite a close look at the two and couldn't see and major advantages of either.....
except that ( and this is only MO ) RELAX seemed easier to understand.  Thus, I would say
that for someone new to XML it would provide a 'fast track' to creating dcument
descriptions.  Anyone else have any different opinion ?



Inga Eckermann wrote:

> Hello,
> I am new to this list and have read about you mentioning RELAX and TRX.
> Why do I need these standards? On the RELAX-webpage is written:
> Compared with DTD(Document Type Definition), RELAX has new features:
>                             RELAX grammars are represented in the XML instance syntax
>                             RELAX borrows rich datatypes of XML Schema Part 2
>                             RELAX is namespace-aware
> Is it not all included in Schemas as well?
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