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Re: xml-dev-digest Digest #217

Inga Eckermann wrote:
> Hello,
> I am new to this list and have read about you mentioning RELAX and TRX.
> Why do I need these standards? On the RELAX-webpage is written:
> Compared with DTD(Document Type Definition), RELAX has new features:
>                             RELAX grammars are represented in the XML instance syntax
>                             RELAX borrows rich datatypes of XML Schema Part 2
>                             RELAX is namespace-aware
> Is it not all included in Schemas as well?

You can construct Java classes from descriptions in RELAX.  Codes for 
converting from XML documents to Java objects (and vice versa) also 
generated.  Codes for some useful design patterns are also generated.

For example, given a relax module at


we can construct Java classes 


More about this, see