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RE: ANNOUNCE - PerXML Released

Thank-you all for your responses to the PerXML announcement.  I
apologize for it being marketing  heavy -- that is my fault.  I am
definitely not a sales / marketing type!  Being able to trace my  roots
back to Livermore, I can assure you that the netiquette for over 25
years has been to feature  an 'ANNOUNCE' notice on the subject line of
announcements.  These are easy enough to filter out if  you don't want
to read them.

For Matt, congratulations on being financially independent and being
able to develop your code  without getting paid for it.  I wish you luck
in your business, which you rightly and proudly advertise in all the
postings I've seen from you.  Since we both have freely downloadable
software, perhaps some independent party can do a compartive analysis
between them.  I am sure they each have their strengths.

PerCurrence is trying to find a middle ground between traditional
commercial software and corporate / government sponsored "Open Source"
software.  Most commercial software in our category costs $25,000 -
$50,000 per server license.  Most of that goes to the sales and
marketing types.  Freeware is what it says it is, but most companies
won't use it unless it is supported.  I am sure IBM, SUN, Anderson,
VA-Linux, etc. are all happy for anyone to freely contribute to their
code base as they charge $1500 / day to install it!

Our philosophy is to use the Internet to cut out the middle man.  To
sell and support the product of our labor for a reasonable price
directly to our users.  At one time that was a key ideal behind the
Internet.  We have a very generous 50% discount for non-profit
organizations.  Our fully functional evaluation is renewable without
charge -- non-commercial users never have to pay  for it.  The only
thing the commercial license does is remove the <!--license--> notice
from the  output documents, a technique that I have seen widely used in

Michael Geiger
PerCurrence, Inc.