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RE: appinfo considered harmful. Re: What is the advantage of RELAX incomparison to Schemas?

> The great danger of this is that all sorts of proprietary appinfo based
> constructs are sure to proliferate which have only a local
> meaning and will
> render such documents uninterpretable by common software.

I beg to differ.

> For
> example, there
> would be no consensus as to the post schema-validation infoset for a
> particular document.

There is absolutly no change to the PSVI by using these mechanisms.

> This is bad for XML (IHMO). Perhaps my reading is
> incorrect but I don't specifically see a prohibition on changes
> to the PSVI
> from appinfo compontents.

The PSVI is clearly defined by the XML Schema specification. Any changes to
it will render the processor non-conforming. These mechanisms are meant for
applications or processors built on top of XML Schema. Whether a document is
schema valid has nothing to do with anything that can be in appInfo or in a
non-native attribute.

David Cleary
Progress Software