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Re: appinfo considered harmful. Re: What is the advantage of RELAXincomparison to Schemas?

David E. Cleary wrote:

> The PSVI is clearly defined by the XML Schema specification. Any changes
> it will render the processor non-conforming. These mechanisms are meant
> applications or processors built on top of XML Schema. Whether a document
> schema valid has nothing to do with anything that can be in appInfo or in
> non-native attribute.

    Thanks for this clarification. I do think that an invitation to put all
the features you would like to see but aren't  XML Schema via the appinfo
mechanism is an invitation for problems. The introduction of  new "features"
into XML Schema, in the hopes of such features making the next version, is
asking for the browser wars revisited, and we are still smarting from that

    One of the reasons to have common specifications is to enable (not
provide) interoperability. One of the major factors against interoperability
is the use of custom slots/tags/whatever such as appinfo.

    I'm not against modularization, its just that appinfo doesn't provide a
standard mechanism to create and document such modules.