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External Controlled Vocabularies (was Re: Are we losing out becauseof grammars? )

From: Vegt, Jan <Jan.Vegt@softwareag.com>

>[ Allthough it should be broader than grammar defined as a set of rules ;
>  it should also be applicable to say the set of all UK placenames etc. ]

I think one ability of future web-based schema languages (rather than
local-tree-based ones) must be the ability to validate against external
controlled vocabularies marked up in arbitrary XML languages.

This is relevant both to sets of UK names and BSR lists.  Schematron
provides a way to do it (see
for an example) but that is based on uploading the whole document so it is
impractical for large (or largish & volatile) vocabularies.  I see XML
fragment servers as one good way out of this.

Rick Jelliffe