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Re: Are we losing out because of grammars?

> The lesson I draw from this is that it's better to keep these things as
> well separated as possible.

I see.

However, "type-assignment" is a quite similar task with validation. In
fact, validator can easily report the type information if it wants to do

Or, in other words, if one wants to implement a "type-reporter", he/she
is essentially implementing a validator.

In yet other words, 

> are separate functions and that mushing the two together is a bad idea:
> I may want to validate without augmenting the infoset and I may want to
> augment the infoset without validating.

"Validation without type-assignment" is possible, but "type-assignment
without validation" is not possible.

Therefore, in implementation level, validator can (and I think it 'should') incorporate

I asked this question because your implementation doesn't incorporate
type-reporting capability.

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