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Is there any chance of making:
 1) a RDDL mailing list
 2) a RDDL central directory and
 3) a RDDL web chain (we will need a little icon)?

I think RDDL is great for providing infrastructure for little languages.
The troubles with developing a little language include
 -- people cannot find them
 -- if they are documented using different conventions it is difficult for
people to figure out what to do with them
  -- if they are small it may seem that it is not worth the developer's time
to figure out schemas, standard terminology and so on.

RDDL seems to help with all these, because it makes it easier to steal
an existing RDDL description and use it as a template.

Rick Jelliffe

Also, if you are keeping track, I now have three little languages (two of
them real!)
under RDDL