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RTP, NC - USA: TriXML users group meeting

TriXML, the XML interest group for the triangle area (Raleigh, Durham, and
Chapel Hill, NC - USA), will meet tomorrow - Tuesday February 13th at
5:30pm. We are very pleased to have Jonathan Robie speak to the group
(details below). For more information on the TriXML group and meeting
logistics, look at http://www.trixml.org.  Please RSVP to Lisa Pappas at
lpappas@veritas.com (and thanks again to the folks at VERITAS).

Quilt: an XML query language 
XML is an extremely versatile markup language, capable of labeling the
information content of diverse data sources including structured and
semi-structured documents, relational databases, and object repositories. A
query language of similar versatility is needed to realize the potential of
XML as a universal medium for data interchange. Most existing proposals for
XML query languages are robust for particular types of data sources but weak
for other types. In this paper, the authors combine features from several
sources to propose a new query language called Quilt, which is designed to
be broadly applicable across all types of XML data sources. 
Jonathan Robie is a research and development fellow at Software AG. He has
been working with XML databases and query languages since 1995, and invented
an XML query language called XQL which was a precursor of XQL '98, a query
language developed jointly by Robie, Joe Lapp of webMethods, and David
Schach of Microsoft. Mr. Robie is currently the editor of XQL '99, which has
been developed by participants of the XQL mailing list, and serves as
Software AG's representative to the W3C XML Query Language Working Group. In
addition, Robie represents Software AG on the W3C XML Schema Working Group
and the W3C Document Object Model Working Group, where he has been an editor
for both Level 1 and Level 2.  


Paul Kiel

W. Paul Kiel
Sertus Software