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RE: [RDDL] Nature, Purpose (and XSLT)

Leigh Dodds wrote:
> Can I suggest that the default case should be to use the NS-URI
> (or a URI that can be derived from the mimetype) of the output for
> XSLT transforms?
> The beneficial side effect to this is that we can use RDDL as a means
> to piece together transformation pipelines: presented with an XML
> document, and the ideal output for a transformation we can inspect
> its RDDL description and determine whether there is a direct transform
> available. If not we can traverse additional RDDL documents until we
> can piece together the appropriate pipeline.

This seems like a really cool idea. Essentially the purpose is dependent on
the nature of a resource, and when the resource is an XSLT, its purpose can
be the nature of what it is transformed into.

> (IOW, if we can't go directly from A->B we may discover that we can
> get from A->C and from C->B)

This is where it really starts to get interesting. Possibly some sort of
"agent" can piece together fragments of transforms and code it might find on
the web.

Besides XSLT, SAX filters are another application that might lend itself to
this treatment.