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Re: Article (part of column) on XML & Semantics

> Good start, Uche.  It does come down to a public
> registry somewhere.
> I'd be a little careful of dismissing philosophy too
> early.  The AI field is informed by hermaneutics and
> that field has it's share of lost souls looking for a
> place to plug in a concept.
> Too often, philosophers are programmers without
> hands and programmers are philosophers without eyes.

Agreed.  After you and I have had lunch some day, you'll have no doubt
of my love for philosophy (I'm pretty close to a strict Humanist:
Ficino, Mill, etc.  keep the German and French omphaloskeptics).

And I'm always interested in how much of AI tries (often poorly) to reify
Heidegger and Wittgenstein.

So why the philistine disclaimer in my article?  Well as the editor and I
were shaping the column idea, she was a bit worried that I might get too
esoteric for her nuts-n-bolts developer audience.

In your honor, of course, I'll find a subversive way to slip in some

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