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Re: XSLT Performance (was BLANK)

> Anyone who is installing a high-volume or speed-sensitive XSLT website is
> well-advised to spend a day benchmarking XSLT implementations. It could
> easily determine whether the project succeeds or fails.

Zvon reference search is implemented on top of XSLT engine (SAXON) and
it contains all elements, functions, attributes, ... and relevant links

CSS1, CSS2, DOM1, DOM2, MathML, SVG, VoiceXML, XHTML, XLink, XML Schema,
XPointer, XSL FO, XSLT

so it has quite a few entries:

If you try:


Search string:  yle   
and: Substring search option selected

you can see for yourself that XSLT based search does not have to be
painfully slow.

It is true that it will not scale up to well, but I guess that databases
with a few thousands or tens of thousands entries are quite common.