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Re: XQuery: is FLWR a <xsl:foreach/> ?

On Sat, 24 Feb 2001 Jonathan Robie wrote:
>If you want us to use XSLT syntax directly in favor of our FLWR 
>expressions, I need to know the answers to questions like these:
>1. What are the equivalences that can be exploited for query optimization?
>2. What are the typing rules for the possible <xsl:foreach/> constructs?
>3. How are the various possible <xsl:foreach/> constructs translated into 
>SQL? (fill in your favorite environment in place of SQL)
>Do you know of any good work in these areas? Please don't ask me to do it 
>myself, or ask for proof that it can not be done. If we want a solution in 
>a reasonable amount of time, we should build on work that exists.

These are tasks the XML Query WG can and should perform, perhaps in
conjunction with the XSLT WG.  I expect the equivalences will be of a
similar nature, typically XPath rewriting.  As we have mentioned, schema
analysis may drive this process - as it usually does for SQL.