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Re: Is whitespace within general entities ignorable?

John Cowan wrote
> Nsgmls in -xml mode, which is not a fully compliant XML processor, accepts
> as valid.  This is a good indication that it was "supposed to work".
> So I suppose I am wrong.
> I will bring it up to the Core WG.

John - if, as Tim Bray and Chris Maden suggest, entities containing
whitespace should be treated as common-or-garden whitespace, I would like
clarification on whether character references that resolve to whitespace
should be treated in the same way.  In an earlier post I offered this

<?xml version = "1.0"?>
<!DOCTYPE tests [
<!ELEMENT tests (test)*>
<!ELEMENT test (child)*>
  <test>&#32;</test>  <!-- valid ?? -->
  <test>&#33;</test>  <!-- invalid -->

It doesn't look right, but is it a correct interpretation of the

Many thanks
Rob Lugt
ElCel Technology